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About Spectron

    Our Name

    偲百创 is translated as Spectron in English.Spectron is a pseudonym composed of parts of the words Spectrum and Electronics.The literal interpretation of Spectron simply means Radio Frequency electronic devices.偲百创 in Chinese, however is interpreted more profoundly:For every single product launched, it has undergone a hundred times of brainstorming, creating, and improving, and thus each product symbolizes an unparalleled technology breakthrough.

    Spectron (Shenzhen) Technologies Co., Ltd

    Spectron Technologies was founded in March 2020 in Shenzhen. The HQ is located in Futian District. Spectron Technologies wholly owns an R&D center in Europe and has sales and technical support centers in Southern and Eastern China. Spectron Tech is formed by a team of world-renowned experts in the RF business. The company focuses on providing cutting-edge integrated 5G RF front-end filters and cost competitive and high performance RF modules.

    Spectron Microsystem S.R.L.

    Spectron Microsystems, positioned as a design and innovation center in Europe  that attracts top-notch global talents, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of  Spectron Technologies. With our first-class manufacturing resources harnessed by our in-house developed EDA platform, Spectron and its subsidiaries are well-poised to meet the unique challenges in designing and commercializing RF filters. 

    Spectron (Wuxi) Technologies Co., Ltd

    Spectron (Wuxi) is the hub of manufacturing as well as a sales support in Eastern China. Spectron (Wuxi) excels at providing solutions to technological challenges through innovations in materials, design processes, and highly integrated packaging.